40K Tandem Axle


The PACCAR 40K tandem axle is the industry’s premier line haul axle. Innovative technologies and advanced manufacturing processes deliver a fuel efficient, light weight design resulting in a lower cost of ownership. With a first-of-its-kind pinion thru-shaft design, it keeps loads moving forward efficiently and reliably. The PACCAR 40K tandem axle, Powered by Quality.

The PACCAR proprietary 40K tandem axle was designed with fuel-conscious line haul customers in mind to maximize their payload.

80,000 lbs

40,000 lbs. Tandem

Ratio Range
2.47 to 3.70

Straight Torque Rating
1,650 lb.-ft.

Multi-Torque Rating
1,750 lb.-ft.

5 Years/750,000 Miles

PACCAR Axle Highlights

  • Durable Pinion Thru-Shaft Design Improves Internal Efficiencies
  • Spiral Bevel Gearing Optimizes Inter-Axle Driveline Angles
  • High Efficiency Pinion and Differential Bearings Reduce Power Losses
  • Advanced Laser Welding Eliminates Internal Fasteners
  • Driver Controlled Forward Axle Differential Lock
  • Advanced Manufacturing Processes Achieve up to 150 lbs. Weight Savings
  • Fuel Economy Improvement


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