PACCAR MX-13 Overview

2017 PACCAR MX-13 EngineHeavy-Duty
Class 8

1 Million Miles
B10 Design Life 

2 Years or 250,000 Miles
Base Warranty


lb-ft of Torque

12.9 Liters

Spec Sheet


Reliability & Durability


Fuel Efficiency

High Power to Weight Ratio

Our engine design offers significant weight benefits and outstanding power and torque. The bottom line - an engine with an impressive power to weight ratio and low fuel consumption.

Lightweight Materials

Lightweight Materials

CGI is 75% stronger and stiffer than gray cast iron. This means CGI allows for reduced wall thickness without compromising strength and optimizes the stiffness of the block and head. The result is a lighter, stronger cylinder head and block.

Single Camshaft

Single Camshaft

A single, optimally balanced camshaft, increases strength and reliability while reducing overall engine weight.

Low Emissions

High pressure fuel injection and sophisticated calibration deliver excellent fuel economy and low emissions.

Low Emissions

Component Optimization

The PACCAR MX-13 engine is optimized with powertrain components and is precisely calibrated to maximize fuel economy.

Component Optimization

36,000 PSI Fuel Injection System

Improved combustion control and reduced emissions, delivering best in class fuel economy at a reduced weight.

Integral Engine Brake

A unique, cam actuated design offers strong, quiet, and reliable braking performance with a low overall engine height.






MX-13 Ratings

Peak Power (HP)
Peak Torque (LB-FT)
1,850 @ 1,000
1,650 @ 1,000
455 MT
1,550/1,750 @ 900*
1,650 @ 900
430 MT
1,450/1,650 @ 900*
1,550 @ 900
1,450 @ 900
*Multi Torque Rating
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