PACCAR PX-7 Overview

PX-7 Engine LargeMedium Duty
Class 7, 6 & 5

3 Years with Unlimited Miles
Base Warranty


lb-ft of Torque

6.7 Liters

Spec Sheet


Reliability & Durability


Fuel Efficiency

High Pressure Common Rail Fuel System

The Common Rail Fuel System maintains high injection pressure regardless of engine speed. The precise control contributes to performance efficiency and lower fuel consumption. This means complete fuel combustion and lower emission creation and helps the engine run cleaner, quieter and stronger.

High Pressure

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Aftertreatment System

The SCR aftertreatment system is a reliable, proven method for reducing NOx.

SCR System

Electronic Control Module

Electronic Control Module accurately controls all engine functions for optimum performance and economy. The ECM precisely controls air, fuel, and aftertreament systems so no unnecessary work is performed and fuel consumption is used for your work.

Electronic Control Module



PX-7 Driveability



Explore the Power to Weight Ratio

The PX-7 features a high horsepower to weight ratio for excellent performance in pickup and delivery applications.

PX-7 Torque

Explore the Power and Economy

Featuring components like a variable geometry turbocharger and an efficient SCR after treatment system, the PX-7 is both impressive in medium-duty power and economy.

PX-7 Horsepower

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